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No Personal Contact Details Allowed

All accounts are reviewed by human staff individually, so please do not add your personal contact details or your account will be banned without further notice. This includes any reference to email address, telephone numbers, other websites, instant messengers and internet service providers. Profanity and obscene profiles will also be banned.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)... Before you send in questions, take a moment to read the FAQ's below to see if your answer may be posted already!

(Q1.) How can you find out what your login id and password is if you forget them?

(A.) If you forget your access information, click on "Forgot Password" and enter your e-mail address and this information will be sent to you automatically by e-mail notification.

(Q2.) As a basic member how do I respond to a particular add?

(A.) As a basic member, you can reply to a profile with a nicebreaker only, you cannot reply to profiles with a full message until you subscribe as a paying Member. You must click on the Subcribe link for more information and instructions on how to pay for membership..

(Q3.) The profile I have submitted is not receiving any messages at the present time...can you help?

(A.) I recommend modifying your ad and be more specific about who you are and what you want. Remember the more detail you give the more someone will know if they are a match with you. Also, by adding your picture you are more likely to get a better response to your profile. Also, please understand....we have no control over who responds to who, that is left up to the people who have become subscription members and their individual choices they make when they respond to profiles. A final recommendation is to become more proactive if you really want to meet your special someone and upgrade to become a premium member.

(Q4.) Does the member who has responded to my profile see my real e-mail address that I used when I submitted my profile?

(A.) Your e-mail address is hidden and use your e-mail address only to notify you automatically that someone has responded to your profile, send a newsletter to you or for any administrative questions we might have for you. All information that is submitted to us is held in the strictest confidence, including your e-mail address. When you pick up your replies from your profile, it is left up to you if you want that person to reply directly to your real e-mail address or use the internal message center to reply back to them.

(Q5.) Hi, is there anyway of looking through all the profiles in the system? I have entered the info that describes what I am looking for and it keeps saying, no matches, and I've tried a lot of different things. Help please!!!!! I'm desperate to meet friends.

(A.) The more criteria you enter to do a search by, the more restrictive you are. Try entering less in the search fields and see what results you get! For example, enter only the gender and your state and see how many matches result. Then perhaps add another preference during your search to narrow that list a bit more . . . good luck!

(Q6.) I am a member and have responded to about 6 ads looking for a man and wonder where they go. Do they go through you first to see if they are acceptable then on to that person?

(A.) The responses you send are automatically sent out to their own private personal message box on the website. The recipient you have responded to picks up their message after they have been notified via e-mail by us that they have a message from you waiting ... we do not go through any responses ...that would be a invasion of someone’s privacy...

(Q7.) How does someone respond to my profile after it’s been placed online?

(A.) Our automated message system will notify you by e-mail to your real e-mail address you submitted when you placed your profile. That is why it is extremely important that you enter your full and correct email address on your profile. You will then log-in using your access information and be notified after you log in that you have mail waiting and will be presented with a button to take you directly to the Message Manager. There you may read your new or other messages at your leisure . . . Only a paid Member who has a subscription plan may respond to any profile of his/her choosing listed on this website.

(Q8.) How do you know if a person who has a profile online is a member or not?

(A.) Not everyone that has a profile on the website is a paying Member... some people are classified as Basic Members with a profile online and they cannot respond to any of the profiles... Premium Members can respond to any or all of the profiles as well as having their own profile online and are marked with a gold icon indicating they are premium.

(Q9.) How can I instant message someone?

(A.) Only premium members can instant message someone who is online. You must have any pop up blockers disabled from your browser so you will receive the instant message window. Any member, basic or premium can receive an instant message invitation from a premium member and converse.

(Q10.) Is there an average time to expect a response from a member if these e-mails are filtered through you first?

(A.) We do not filter any mail. If a message is sent to you, the message is stored in your PRIVATE mailbox located here on the website and it is presented to the recipient at the time of their next login . . . A person is notified via Email when a Member has sent a message that they have messages(s) waiting at the website . . . Please also understand that there is no "Average Time" as we have no way of knowing when a person will return to pick-up and read their message(s) . . .

(Q11.) Do I see the e-mail address of the member who responded to my ad/profile?

(A.) No… You will NEVER see an email address at this website belonging to a profile unless that person has sent you a message containing their email or other contact info in their response to you at your message mailbox.

(Q12.) How do i cancel my membership?

<(A.) If you are an active premium subscriber and for some reason you wish to cancel your subscription and discontinue participation, please read on. Technically, you cannot cancel your subscription as you have paid a one time charge for as long as you are a member. However, you can flag your profile offline in the Account Manager by clicking on "Hide Profile". This will take your profile offline and remove your profile from view and no one will see it again during any searches. You can unhide it by clicking on "Show Profile" to activate it again should you choose. If you would like your profile completely removed, please use the "Contact Us" link and request removal, this will however, also remove your premium membership and cannot be reinstated.

(Q13.) How can I delete my ad? There is NO action.

(A.) We recommend that you not delete your profile in frustration because you are basically GUARANTEEING no one will respond to you! Since the placement of the profile is FREE . . . why would anyone choose to remove their profile instead of just leaving it in place in the remote chance (in their minds) that someone will choose to respond to them? However by sending us an email we will be glad to remove your profile for you.

(Q.14) I got an email from someone whose profile is offline. what does that mean? why can't i view their profile?

(A.) Why are profiles offline? * The user may have requested their profile be deleted! * The profile may be awaiting approval due to a recent profile update. * The email address proved invalid and the profile was flagged offline/deleted. * Perhaps they chose to flag their own profile offline for whatever their reason.

(Q15.) What is the selection process for the photos profiled at the homepage

(A.) The photos, from the database, of profiles that have them, are displayed randomly for all to see. All you need to have is a photo with your profile and you will show up there.

(Q16.) For some reason i cannot ad a photo is it because i am only a guest, and not a paying member?

(A.) After logging into the Account Manager, click the My Photos button and follow the instructions. All members, Basic and Premium, get their photo(s) added with their profile for free.

(Q17.) How do I modify my profile?

(A.) After logging in to the Account Manager using your access information that was sent to you, click the -My Profile- button and you will be able to then change the information you want in your profile!

(Q18.) Hi ! do i chat in your chat room?

(A.) Only subscribing members have access to the Chat Room! If you are a subscription member, after logging into the Account Manager, click the -Chat Room- button and follow the directions.

(Q19.) How do I retrieve my mail?

(A.) Our automated message system will notify you by e-mail to your real e-mail address you submitted when you entered your profile. You will then log-in at the website using your access information and be notified after you log in that you have mail waiting; and will be presented with a button to take you directly to the Message Manager . . . where you may read your new or other messages at your leisure . . .

(Q20) How do I delete my profile?

(A.) Please send an e-mail by clicking Contact Us and your request will be carried out for you.

(Q21) How much does this cost?

(A.) There is a 4 types of registration check subcription link for more info.

(Q22) May I pay with a money order instead of a credit card. And If I can what is your address.

(A.) We only accept credit card and checks online through Paypal.

(Q23) I am having trouble getting to the place where you put your user id and pass word, where is that located and what do i click to get there?

(A.) The Log In Form is present in every page of this website on the left side of the screen. After you log in, it will disappear, indicating to you that you are currently logged in.

(Q24) I read your theory on how to respond to a profile but could not locate the mechanism to activate a response. Am I misreading the procedure, the "Respond" button? Please help.

(A.) The reason you cannot respond to a profile is because you must become a paid subscription Member in order to have this capability to reply to the profiles that interest you.

(Q25) If I am guest and it so happens a member responds and wants contact, how does that work? Can I send e-mail that they receive?

(A.) You will receive an e-mail automatically from our automated e-mail system advising you have a message waiting for you at the website and then you may pick up that message after logging in. Via the Message Manager, you may then continue to exchange messages with the original sender!

(Q26) If I am logging in as a basic member, Do I still need to pay the enrollment fee?

(A.) As a basic member you do not need to pay any fees, but you do not have the ability to reply to any of the ads online. We recommend signing up so you can reply to any or all of the ads that interest you so you can meet your special someone quicker instead of waiting for a Member to reply to your ad you have online.

(Q27) Do I have to accept the Terms and Conditions before I continue?

(A.) Yes, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions before you continue to make your profile at the website. This will help to know whether you want to proceed further or not.

(Q28) Who are Blocked Users?

(A.) Blocked users are those, who have contacted you once or more than once, but you don’t want to proceed with them. In detail, if any user irritates you with his/her messages, you have the right to block him/her.