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We check each member after the signup to make sure their photos are authentic. We will send a request for each member to take a mobile phone verification photo of himself /herself holding a unique system-generated code written on a piece of paper before we set their profile photos status as 'Verified'. If a user fails to comply with our verification photo process their profile will be deleted within 48 hours of receiving the email.

Example of a photo verification

Unfortunately, the online dating nowadays is turning into a one big scam. When we check out other dating services, we are horrified: 50% of males and 90% of females (just think about it!!!!) of their photo galleries are scammers. This is a fact! Those cute blonde girls from the United States in reality are scammers from West Africa or Mari El, Russia. If you want a scam free dating, sign up with our site! We don't inflate our database with scammers. We maintain it small and clean, always putting quality before quantity. We don't care if we have fewer members than other dating services, at least we know they are all real people, and that's the only thing that matters. If our members say they are from the US or UK, we can 100% guarantee you they ARE from US or UK, and NOT from Nigeria, Ivory Coast or Russia. If a Russian girl on our site says she is from Moscow, you can be 100% sure she IS from Moscow, and not from Mari El. We check every registration: IPs, anonymous proxies’ registrations, e-mails, Yahoo profiles, everything. Sign up today! This is NOT advertising. This is a truth of life.

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